Love riding bikes?

Midwest Devo is a Central
Indiana junior cycling team.

We welcome riders of any experience between the ages of 8 and 18. We open the door as wide as possible to the world of bike riding and racing. From first time racers to international rippers, we help people develop their skills, meet other kids who love riding bikes, maybe start racing, but most importantly have fun on your bike.

You don’t need a fancy bike but you do need a helmet.

We practice at the Indy Cycloplex ( and take part in mountain biking, cyclocross, gravel riding, and track races across the Midwest with some of our riders competing in National Championships. Our aim is to encourage the next generation of junior cyclists to love the sport like we do, to be active outdoors, to be part of a team and to give them a great start to a lifetime of cycling. As their skills develop, we want our riders to be well-prepared for collegiate cycling and beyond if they so choose.

If this sounds like you, get in touch or check us out on Facebook. You’re always welcome to come and try one of our practices.