Midwest Development Cycling

Midwest Development Cycling Inc is based in Indiana with two cycling teams split by cycling age and experience.

Midwest Devo is a regional U23 cycling development team focused on preparing each rider with the skills necessary to compete at the collegiate/professional level as well as creating life-long cyclists.

The team exists to provide cyclists with the best opportunity to succeed at the local, regional and national level, and also to help them develop into true leaders both within the cycling community and in their own local communities.

Team members learn valuable life lessons that can be used on and off the bike.


It is the vision of Midwest Devo to become the premiere U23 Development Team in the Midwest region.

Midwest Devo will foster and train U23 junior riders to be competitive in three key cycling disciplines: Mountain bike, cyclocross and road.

We have a passion for safety, and want to instill in every one of our riders the necessary physical and mental skills to respect safety.  We will train in technique, etiquette, rules and sportsmanship to help create good ambassadors for our sport as well as good community members. We expect to see our riders lead by example and develop winning attitudes among their teammates.


Ride Fast….Have fun…. Be safe.

To develop, coach, inspire and train U23 cyclists to be winners on and off the bike.  Learning what it takes to win, to lose graciously and build character.

To provide programs and support structures for athletes to train and race.

Value Statement:

We value others as much as ourselves and commit to serving our fellow teammates and those we race against with the utmost respect in all situations, win or lose. We value health and fitness and are committed to training hard so that we can race well for our team, and serve others when needed. We want to be role models for other competitors, in our actions, our attitude and outlook.

We resolve to strengthen integrity, honesty and passion.

We encourage the development and promotion of cycling within our communities.


  1. We’re excited about our potential partnership!
    Freewheelin’ Community Bikes

  2. I am a student at Indiana university and cycle for Phi Kappa Psi in the little 500 and I was wondering if it would be at all possible to join your club and go on group rides during the summer.

    Wil Beaty

  3. Brian Villada

    I am 17 years old never been on a team by ive been cycling for 2 years on my own, i was wondering if you guys could send me more information on your team and whether or not i am eligible to join on summer rides. Thanks

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